Our Mission and fundamental purpose is to promote and work to increase the awareness of the need of human development in the area of business acumen.

To equip those who are part of the Business Training Curriculum training that will increase their potential for a better lifestyle.

And to provide theological, biblically based spiritual academic and vocational training, and to award schalarship, certificates of completions of Wealth Intelligence courses and to award Theological degrees to those that meet the Institutes’s requirements.

Our Mission is to make avaliable Human Awareness Training that will empower one to transcend academic, racial, and enviromental limitations.

To provide Biblical Education by way of establishing physical SIC Wealth Intelligence Institutes, Christian Learning Centers,  Books, Seminars, Workshops, Conventions, Radio, Television, the Internet, and by every known and to be known means of communication.

Our Mission is to establish SIC Wealth Intelligence Institutes in various cities in America. To  establish Food Centers, Cultural Centers and to support various existing Orphanages around the world when possible,

To provide aid to Medical Researchers in their efforts to find cures for diseases found in the United States of America and around the world, including Third World Countries.

“Our Mission Is Wealth Intelligence.


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