Dr. M.D. HILL was born in Dallas Tx. As a young teenager he became the leader of a local gang. This association lead to a life of crime, in which, in the course of time, he was arrested and sentenced to 8 years in The Texas Department Of Correction for a crime he didn’t commit, of which he spent 3 years before he was released on paroll.

While incarcerated Dr. M.D. Hill had a true experience with God.  In an open vision the angel of the Lord appeared and said to him, “There Is Success In Christ,” which is today the name of the first and most prominent ministry Dr. M.D Hill has established.

Dr. M.D. Hill has empowered millions of people through books, radio, television, conferences, crusades, revivals and etc. world wide. He has personally Founded and Established 30 Churches, Christian Learning and Training Centers in America.

Dr. M.D. Hill is the Founder and President Of SIC Records, Matrix Records, New Millenium Entertainment Group, Sonic Tracks Recording Studios, The World In Focuus Video Recording And Editing Company,  SIC Television Network and in 2014 he established the first SIC Wealth Intelligence Institute located in Houston, TX.

Dr. M.D. Hill has a Honary Doctorate in Humane Letters from Bernes Graduate University, an Earned Doctorate in Theology  [Christian Education] and a Doctorate of Letters from GMOR Theological Institute:

Since Dr. M.D. Hill’s conversion [forty years ago] he has proclaimed and confirmed around the world…



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